Sunday Summary 8th May 2022

Sunday Summary 08.05.22

And I’m the blink of an eye, it’s Sunday again so time for another Sunday Summary.

This last week has flown by! I don’t think it helps when there’s been a Bank Holiday taking a day away from the working week!

We’ve had a residential mortgage application submitted for a family. The couple are buying the property from parents who are kind enough to gift some of the equity they have in the property to the clients as a deposit.

Another client who competed in their shared ownership purchase was kind enough to leave a lovely review for us on Facebook. We love it when our clients are kind enough to share their thoughts about the service they have received.

I was lucky enough to win a free marketing consultation with Clare Bowers of Leading Ladies in Business. It was lovely to be able to speak to her and get the reassurance that the things we do here at HQ are the right things!

Another face to face meeting this week with a lovely young lady who is sadly going through a divorce. She is buying her ex out of the property they rented out to make into a new family home for her and her children. We’re confident we can help her get the mortgage required on her part time salary and universal credit that she receives.

Life insurance has been a big query lately from a lot of people. Some have insurance in place and would like the reassurance that it will cover them for what they need, whilst there are others who do not have any that need some putting in place.

We love helping people get the insurance required to help look after their family if the worst were to happen.

We’ve had lots more people signing up to get a copy of our free Shared Ownership guide. Keep an eye out soon for our next guide about self employment and mortgages.

The week ahead’s calendar is filling up quickly which is nice so pop by next Sunday to hear all about it.

Loki and Thor have been tearing around the garden, pulling apart all the bushes which has now resulted in a garden worthy of an Alan Titchmarsh make over! If you’re reading Alan, get in touch! Thor is getting a lot cheekier as well which is funny to watch, but rather annoying as well! They will be having their birthday in a few weeks time so I’ll have to find a dog friendly birthday cake recipe!

Loki hopefully eyeing up my dinner!

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