Sunday Summary 15th May 2022

Sunday Summary infographic

I know I say it every week, but this week has seemed very busy but also very productive, which is always a good way to end the week. I may not have achieved all my goals of the week, but the week has ended with me feeling positive about the business and the future.

The week started with an interest 1-2-1 with Claire Porter of SAS Daniels, who are based in Chester. Claire is a family lawyer who deals with separating couples. She informed me that in January the courts changed the rules regarding financial remedy proceedings. Solicitors now need to present all the financial information regarding the individuals in the case at the first court hearing. This involves both individuals to seek independent financial advice from the same mortgage broker to determine how much they could borrow to purchase a new property on their own. The aim of this is to ensure that both parties receive a fair share of the family assets in order to support them with the set up of their new homes.

Another application has been submitted this week for a married couple who are both surgeons. They are moving closer to the hospitals that they work at to reduce their commuting times. Their application is, like many others, held up in a queue with the lender for it’s initial assessment, but the valuation was instructed on day one and has been booked in for next week. A lot of lenders are still seeing a high volume of applications being submitted at the moment so their usual assessment times are taking a lot longer than usual. Bare that in mind when looking to fix in a new deal on your mortgage.

Part of my role as your mortgage advisor is to assist you with the whole homebuying / remortgaging process. All mortgages require a conveyancer to be involved and there will be legal paperwork for you to complete. I am here to help answer questions you may have about that paperwork and to assist you in completing it. I have been helping two clients with their legal work this week, one is at the start of their legal journey on the road to homeownership and the others are nearing a completion date.

There has also been a LinkedIn MOT with Rosalia Lazzara of The Content Hive, which is based in Hitchin and is just next door to where I grew up. She has given me some useful pointers of how to utilise my LinkedIn account to start generating clients. Things are being put into place to assist that!

Whilst on the subject of lead generation, I’ve attended a webinar with David Miles. He has been helping brokers in the financial industry generate their own leads and helping them set up their Google Ads to benefit them, not Google!

Usual tasks have also been completed this week:

  • Researching mortgage products for new clients – I have a single mum on contract work and benefits, plus a young couple with 3 children where the wife is here on a spousal visa.
  • Sending out life insurance quotes for clients – one couple is looking to increase the amount of cover they have in place.
  • Social media marketing campaigns in planning – Canva WILL be my friend!! MailChimp, maybe not…!

In other news, the kids have been enjoying some sunny weather in the garden drawing all over the patio with chalk. I’d rather they were doing out there than on the walls in the house! The youngest has had a cold though, but that is likely to be from the Chicken Pox outbreak in his classroom. Luckily, he had Chicken Pox in 2019. The oldest has been spending her birthday money on clothes and Cats vs Pickles toys (don’t ask, I haven’t got a clue!).

The husband and I have been trying to finish a puzzle that we started back in 2020 that got put away and then packed up when we moved house last summer. We will finish it this month! Candle making workshop has been completed with a friend. The Barn is a lovely little gem in Heswall run by a passionate lady who knows all about candles and scents. She runs workshops regularly and I would highly recommend attending one, especially one of the special ones that also involves cocktails!

Loki is suffering with some soft tissue damage in his back leg. He saw a bird whilst out on a walk and he had to have it. He subsequently slipped and has injured himself. Loki is out lively puppy and it’s not nice seeing him limping around, but we’re confident he’ll be back to his normal bouncy self soon. Thor is trying his best to make up for Loki being out of action at the moment and is jumping up at and licking everyone possible!

Pictures above show a part completed Harry Potter puzzle, Thor a black Labradoodle sitting handsomely on the foot rest of a recliner sofa and the midway point of candle-making.

Next week will be like many others – researching deals for the clients, waiting for valuation reports to be returned to the lender, waiting for documents to arrive for assessment, assessing documents sent over by our clients, marketing, liaising the the lenders and providing solicitor updates to our clients. The only difference for this week is that the husband will be back to working in an office full time so there will be a quiet house for working in!

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