Sunday Summary 12th May 2022

Buy-To-Let, Critical Illness Cover, Meeting Introducers & Financial Remedy Proceedings…

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not writing a Sunday Summary for a few weeks. There’s been a lot of family things going on whilst the kids have been off school and I decided to take a little break from the blog posts. However, I am back and have lots of updates for you on what Youngs Mortgages has been up to and what the family has been doing!


This week has seen new enquiries coming through to me from the website which is always lovely. All first time buyers which is exciting for them that they are starting their journey to becoming a homeowner.

You don’t have to fill out a contact form though if you want to get in touch. You can just email me directly – – or just pick up the phone and call me 07450190063.

Buy To Let

I have been busy submitting a buy to let remortgage application. The clients were on a variable rate with their lender and their monthly payments were quite high. They want to remortgage to raise some funds to add to their deposit for a new family home. Although they are borrowing more money, their monthly payments will be reduced and save them around £500 a month.

There is also a transfer of equity involved which may sound like it is adding a complicated step into the mix, but for the purpose of the mortgage, it doesn’t change anything. It does though involve extra work for your solicitor and they will charge accordingly for that.

Critical Illness Cover

Part of the service offered to clients is for their current protection policies to be reviewed and new policies arranged if required. Many people though do not take me up on this offer, which baffles me!

However, one client is in the process of waiting for the legal work to be completed on their mortgage and requires life insurance but would also like to take a Critical Illness policy alongside their life insurance. The policy will run until her children leave school as there will be less financial strain on the household at that stage.

Donelan Property

I had the pleasure of meeting Jonny of Donelan Property. Jonny and the team help investors find the right property in and around North Wales, Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire. They will source the property, manage the renovations for you and will then manage the property as a letting agent, looking after your tenant and your investment.

It was great to hear how he helps his clients and I am excited to help his clients in the future with their mortgage needs.

Financial Remedy Proceedings

During divorce court proceedings both parties will have to provide evidence of their income and their potential to obtain a mortgage on their own. The idea behind it is to help decide how the family assets should be distributed between the two individuals. If one person’s income is a lot lower and therefore the amount they could borrow less, there is an argument that they should have a bigger share of the equity in the property in order to help them purchase a new property.

I have teamed up with a solicitor in Chester to help provide their clients with the independent advice and documentation to take to court. I have had my first meeting this week with a client who is currently going through this.

In other news…

This week has been a short school week for the kids as their school wanted to utilise the extra bank holiday that happened in half-term so they slapped that in on Monday, cheeky, following it up with an Inset Day on Tuesday, even cheekier. There were several elated parents at the gates on Wednesday morning to say the least! On the plus side though the the 5-year old was rather happy to be going back to school so that made Wednesday morning slightly easier.

The 10-year old has been doodling away as always and created a very lovely little drawing of me on her tablet ->

She is always doodling as she finds it helps to calm her down and it helps her to express herself as being dyslexic, writing is a challenge for her.

The husband I have been rather adventurous these last few weeks. We went to see Derren Brown at the Empire Theatre last week, we’ve been to see Sam Avery at the Epstein Theatre in Liverpool, guests at a wedding reception and we’ve been to see the new Top Gun Maverick film, which I would highly recommend if you haven’t already seen it!

We’ve watched football with friends, play dates, birthday parties and random Friday afternoon bouncy castles with school friends.

Loki & Thor

Our fluffy, waggy tailed bundles of love have been keeping me company now that the kids are back at school. They have been guarding the house very well by barking at anyone who dares to walk past it and providing all guests with a face full of kisses. Standard Labradoodle behaviour.

This is Loki, having torn another branch off of one of the bushes in the back garden…

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